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Summer Café XL [FREE]

Summer Café XL [FREE]

02 Jun 2024

It is time again for the Summer Café XL. A free event for everyone and for the whole family! Not only is the event free to visit, there is also a market especially for those who are less fortunate. This will be organised by Aleid Hagemeijer/Minimahulp070. MuseumLAB (Museon-Omniversum) will set up a real construction site to repair broken toys or give them new life. You can also play table tennis, badminton, hang hammocks, drink coffee, eat soup and just sit in the sun. So come along! It's free and fun. And don't forget to bring your old or broken (electronic) toys!

The Market
The large stage will be transformed into a market square. Aleid Hagemeijer/Minimahulp070 will provide a diverse assortment. A collection for this will be launched soon! In addition to food, Dierenvoedselbank De Gevulde Buikjes will also be present with pet food and Stichting Boerendorp (urban agriculture project in the Zuiderpark) will be happy to tell you more about starting your own vegetable garden. They will be present with their project 'Boerendorp on your balcony'.

RePLAY - 8 to 14 years
Is your favourite or precious toy broken, worn out, missing a part or just in need of a new lick of paint? Then don't throw it away, bring it along to the Summer Café and see if you can breathe new life into it by upcycling it! RePLAY is about fixing things, taking things apart and putting something new together again, about demolishing something and making something. There will be makers present with knowledge of electronics, mechanics and robotics who can help repair toys. If it is beyond repair, new toys can be made from parts from other broken toys. This way you can enjoy your toy for years to come or make a nice present out of it for someone else! During this activity, children learn to decide whether something is valuable enough to repair or to part with the toy in a sustainable way by reusing and recycling parts. And of course, it's also about having fun!

At home in The Hague (Haags Verhaal) - AL
There will be a nice little house in the woods on the grounds of the Zuiderpark Theatre. Here you will engage in a conversation with the staff of Haags Verhaal about feeling at home. You can then embroider this and give it a place in the little house, which will travel through all districts of The Hague for a year in search of The Hague's Feeling at Home.

Donate for fruits & vegetables!
Fresh fruit and vegetables are healthy, but also expensive! In cooperation with Minimahulp070, we will organise Zomercafé XL on Sunday 2 June. This is a summer market for The Hague's mini families. Would you also like to make a contribution for vitamins? Pay via Tikkie. Your donation will directly reach the right people via Aleid Hagemeijer. Every contribution is welcome!
Donate now: https://www.ing.nl/de-ing/payreq?trxid=xwPa3OijZig8Kv65vgvNqz0Bef3eanZ6&flow-step=payment-request

About the organisation
Aleid Hagemeijer / Minimahulp070
Minimahulp070 is a private initiative by Aleid Hagemeijer, set up through Facebook. It aims to combat poverty. They do this through: Collecting food for food parcels, providing emergency parcels to families without food, providing cakes for children's birthdays (up to 18 years old) and special birthdays, such as 40 or 50 years, providing children's treats for school, providing birthday presents, providing a present when a child is invited to a party, providing Sinterklaas presents and making Christmas parcels. Minimahulp070 depends entirely on donations and is managed by three people. For the third year in a row, Aleid organises this market at the Zuiderparktheater, especially for those who could use some help.

The MuseumLAB is a new initiative of Museon-Omniversum in Bouwlust. Besides RePLAY, they will also come to the Zuiderpark Holiday Park on Wednesdays throughout the summer holidays. Before then, be sure to check them out at Het Zicht 76! Free workshops and free walk-in for kids from the neighbourhood!

Haags Verhaal goes around the city like a travelling story circus to bring people and communities together and let them share their stories. In doing so, it aims to build bridges in The Hague.

More info & links
hedge story.co.uk

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