Holiday park opens and closes with award-winning shows: hip-hop family show Frenk the Snail, french fries from Snackgelok and circus dance performance Exit!

Holiday park opens and closes with award-winning shows: hip-hop family show Frenk the Snail, french fries from Snackgelok and circus dance performance Exit!

For the fourth year in a row, Theatre Island is the most fun holiday destination in The Hague. The 2024 edition pops into the summer holidays with a crazy hip-hop family show by Rico (Opgezwolle) & Dries (Typhoon). Tryater's absurdly mega-sized fries are also eye-catchers in the first week. Until the finale with stunning circus & dance by Circumstances, it will be six weeks of partying on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Opening with The Holiday Pass: Frenk the Snail

This year, summer kicks off with the hip-hop show "Frenk the Slag - Tempo!" by Rico (Opgezwolle) and Dries (Typhoon). Muddy beats and sharp lyrics for the whole family. Frenk, a funky snail enjoying life, takes his time with everything. Early on the opening day, there are workshops and performances all over the theatre island.

A fat plant for consumerism

Everyone knows it: getting happy with a greasy bite, coffee to go, or new clothes. At Snackgelok, you will lie in a life-size fries tray and listen to stories from young and old about consumerism and happiness. The downside is also discussed: when is enough enough? Visit Tryater's giant chip tray from 15 to 25 July on the theatre island. Afterwards, there are two more art installations to experience: Self Sport by Marieke van der Burg and celebrated Studio Cité by Benjamin Vandewalle.

New: Giga holiday park exit EXIT by Circumstances

This year for the first time a closing day, with the performance EXIT by Piet Van Dycke in cooperation with Kinderopvang 2Samen. This award-winning show full of acrobatics, dance and balance has already played to packed halls at Oerol and Circusstad Rotterdam. Four circus artists perform a unique mix of bascule, straps, trapeze and acro dance. The show received 4 stars from the Volkskrant, NRC and De Standaard.


Will you travel with us through Italy, Suriname or the Caribbean? Teach your (grand)children all about The Hague beat history? Or would you rather step into the world of MeneerTjes SlodDe & Vos? This year's performance programme at the Holiday Park is on Thursdays and offers lots of music and a touch of circus. 

The performances and art installations during the holiday park:

  • Mon 15 Jul: Frenk the Snail - Tempo (6+) ism Vakantiepas
  • Mon 15 Jul to Thu 25 Jul: Tryater - art installation Snack Gelok 
  • Do 18 Jul: Veenfabriek - Cooking with Amba (6+)
  • Do 25 Jul: Canti Vaganti - Always on the move (5+)
  • Di 30 Jul to Thu 1 Aug: Benjamin Vandewalle - Art installation: Studio Cité
  • Do 1 Aug: Musicon - Haagse Hits (6+)
  • Thu 8 Aug: Circus Meerfout - Circus brothers (4+) ism Ooievaarspas

Di 13 Aug to Thurs 15 Aug: Marieke van der Burg - Art installation: Self Spot ism 

  • Stork pass
  • Thu 15 Aug: MeneerTjes SlodDe & Vos - MeneerTje SlodDe & Vos Trying something (3+) ism Stork Pass
  • Do 22 Aug: Circumstances - EXIT (6+) - ism Kinderopvang 2Samen

About Zuiderpark Holiday Park

Zuiderpark Holiday Park is a free programme for families and young people from Tuesday 16 July to Thursday 22 August. The programme takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. outdoors on the theatre island. The success formula "you-see-where-there-is-what-to-do" remains: play, learn, perform and relax. New this year: brass band The Legendairs, Museum-Lab workshops, farming village excursions and sound walks (Rewire). Favourites such as rafting games, (tweetaling) reading aloud in the hammock forest and the craft caravan are also back.

See the entire programme at 

Zuiderpark Holiday Park is financially made possible by The Hague city district Escamp, 2Samen, Ooievaarspas and Vakantiepas. 

Zuiderparktheater organises the Holiday Park in cooperation with Kinderopvang 2Samen, Ooievaarspas, Vakantiepas, Verloot je Zooitje, Haags Halal, Ready to play, MuseumLab, Boerendorp, Bibliotheek Den Haag, Theater Dakota, De Wijk als Podium, BBP, our fantastic volunteers and many others.