Frequently asked questions

Below you will find frequently asked questions about the Holiday Park (vakantiepark). Is your question not listed? Send a message to

Question: Can I register my child for the Holiday Park (vakantiepark)?
Answer: That is not necessary, you can come by every day. Only for the performances do you have to buy a ticket or if you have a Holiday Pass (vakantiepas) or Ooievaarspas you can book via the website.

Question: What time can I bring and pick up my child?
Answer: The Holiday Park is not a childcare location. We expect all children to come to the Holiday Park under the supervision of a (grand) parent or babysitter.

Question: Will my child stay sleep over at the Holiday Park (vakantiepark)?
Answer: The Holiday Park (vakantiepark) is not a camp but a day program. You do not sleep over here. You may come by several times.

Question: I want to come with a group of children from the BSO. Do I have to sign up?
Answer: Yes, we would like to receive this several days in advance so that we can take this into account in time. If you come with a group, we also count on sufficient supervisors from your organization. Mail us to

Question: From how old is the Holiday Park (vakantiepark) suitable?
Answer: Our program is suitable from 2 years, of course not all parts. Most parts are 5+ years. If this is not the case then this is stated.

Question: Who provides the program?
Answer: The volunteers of the Zuiderpark Theatre do this with a large number of neighbourhood organisations such as the Library, Dakota and Wijkz. 

Question: What happens if it rains during the Holiday Park (vakantiepark)?
Answer: The program can then change. Fortunately, there are several covered areas on the site and the forest prevents a lot of rain. If it thunders, the program will be cancelled. This is for safety reasons. We then communicate via our social media. If there is a ticket for which you have bought a performance, the standard rain protocol of the theatre applies.

If there is a ticket for which you have bought a performance, the standard rain protocol of the theatre applies.

Question: What should I bring to the Holiday Park (vakantiepark)? 

Answer: You don't need any specific items in the Holiday Park (vakantiepark). If you want to perform on the Platte Kar you can of course put on your most beautiful outfit. On very sunny days it is advisable to apply sunscreen, bring a cap or hat for your head and a refillable bottle for water.

Question: I want to make a postcard for the elderly in The Hague but I can't come to the Holiday Park (vakantiepark). What can I do?

Answer: You can download the postcard here and print them yourself. You can send the cards to:

Postbus 32336

2503 AA, The Hague. We then forward them to the elderly.

Question: When will I hear if I have won the colouring contest and what can I win?

Answer: We will announce the winner on Thursday 17 August. You will win a super cool moon lamp in your bedroom. 

Question: I have a Ooievaarspas, what is free for me?

Answer: with a Ooievaarspas you can go to the performance for free, please note that you have to reserve a ticket via our website. On presentation of your Ooievaarspas you will also receive a free cup of coffee, tea, lemonade or ice cream. You have to bring your pass with you to the site and it will be scanned.

Question: I have a Holiday Pass (vakantiepas), what is free for me?

Answer: with VakantiePas you can use 50% to go to the performance, please note you must book a ticket via our website using the code Holiday pass23. Do bring your Pass to the venue, it will be checked and stamped.

Question: My child has a Holiday Pass (vakantiepas) but I don't. Do I have to buy a ticket?

Yes, as a parent/escort you have to buy a ticket through our box office at €6,- p.p. However, this does not apply to all performances. If it is free for companions this is indicated.

Question: Can I take pictures in the Holiday Park (vakantiepark)? 

Answer: You may of course photograph your own child but due to privacy reasons, we do not ask you to take photos of other visitors and other children. However, a photographer from the South Park Theatre is often present. If you are photographed and do not want this, you can indicate this. 

Question: What food and drinks can I buy?

Answer: Hot and cold non-alcoholic drinks, ice creams, biscuits, sweets and healthy snacks are available on site. In addition, changing sweet and savoury dishes are available at the bar. Think poffertjes, a sausage sandwich and sandwiches, for example.  

Question: Can I bring my own food and drinks? 

Answer: There is food and drinks for sale on site. With this you support our theatre for making a program like the Holiday Park (vakantiepark). We will not insist on eating a small snack we brought ourselves. For an extensive picnic we ask you to find a place in the Zuiderpark.

Question: Can I bring my dog?

Answer: Dogs are allowed on the premises on a leash. However, we ask you not to walk your dog on the premises. If your dog is a nuisance, we may ask you to leave the premises.

Question: Is there first aid available?

Answer: The onsite manager has a BHV diploma for first aid. There is also an AED on site.

Question: Can I smoke during the Holiday Park?

Answer: Smoking is allowed in the designated area. This is not near the children's activities.