House Rules

Our House Rules at the Zuiderparktheater

The VSCD general terms and conditions of visitors apply in our locations. The Zuiderparktheater expects that every visitor will contribute to a pleasant atmosphere. We are convinced that the following agreements will help us with this.


• Follow the instructions of the staff and be considerate to each other.
• Respect other visitors. Gross insults and intimacies are unacceptable..
• Do not hinder other visitors with your alcohol consumption. Drugs are not permitted.
- Children, under 14, must always be with an 18+ companion.
• In case of large groups gathering, vandalism, misconduct and theft, we will always call the police.
• Have you been denied access? You will not receive a refund of your entrance fee.
• Weapons, sticks and fireworks are not allowed.
• Stage diving and crowd surfing are prohibited.
• To prevent hearing damage, use earplugs. These are available at the bar.
• You are responsible for (unmanaged) property.
• In extreme weather, the company management can stop an event.



• Purchased tickets will not be refunded. 
• It is not possible to reserve a fixed seat on our stand.
• At children's performances, guardians must also buy a ticket.
• There may be a bag check at the gate. We can also ask you to show your id or security may also search you .
• Bicycles can be parked outside the fence.
• Pets are not allowed on site at performances. A guide dog of course is.
• Trading items or making personal promotion is not allowed without permission.
* Stork Pass holders who use it at a discount must compulsorily show it at the gate. 
* Passholders of
 the Holiday Pass who use it at a discount, are required to show these at the gate. 


• Pay contactless at the bar with pin.
• Avoid large crowds at bars and toilets.
• It is not permitted to bring your own food and drinks to performances.
• Food and drinks that you buy on our island, is to be consumed there.
• Also with us: NIX18. Alcohol is not sold to young people under the age of 18. When in doubt, our bartenders will ask for an ID.
• Clean up your own waste, there are enough containers.
• Do not feed animals in the park.
* On our grounds, we operate a cup recycling system. Please return cups to the grounds. 


• Smoking is only allowed in the smoking areas (please note: this space can change per activity).
• During children's performances we are a smoke-free theatre!
• Always use the ashtrays to prevent the risk of fire.
• No cigarettes are sold on our island.


• The Zuiderparktheater and the organiser may make media recordings for promotional purposes. Don't want to be in the picture? Please report this to the photographer or videographer.
• Professional audio, photo or film recordings may only be made with the prior accreditation (written permission) of the theatre and the artist.
• Do not record staff, other visitors and children.

Disclaimer & personal data

Zuiderparktheater takes the utmost care to ensure the reliability and topicality of the data. However, inaccuracies may occur. The Zuiderparktheater is not liable for damages resulting from inaccuracies, problems caused by or inherent to the distribution of information via the Internet or technical faults. All information is subject to interim changes. The Zuiderparktheater reserves the right to undo any actions carried out on the basis of incorrect information.