Extraordinary Supper on Day of Peace

Extraordinary Supper on Day of Peace

Eating together with fellow city dwellers and listening to hopeful stories. On Wednesday evening 21 September, Zuiderparktheater, Participation Kitchen's Aanschuiftafels, Haags Verhaal and Just Peace will join forces. An Extraordinary Joining Table with 150 guests will be organised in the open air. This first edition falls on Peace Day and marks the start of Just Peace Month. The theme of this year's Just Peach Month is: "Hope in times of adversity". Given the multiple crises we face around the world, this theme provides a platform for residents and organisations to talk about peace together and show how they contribute to a more peaceful and just world.

The Extraordinary Supper Table this evening consists of five different 'restaurants' around the stands of the Zuiderpark Theatre. These five 'restaurants' are each hosted by a regular neighbourhood table. Five neighbourhoods are thus represented. The Connecting Tables normally meet at a fixed time and place and are all affiliated to the Participation Kitchen.
As this evening's guest, you will be divided into one of five groups. For each course, you will walk past a little restaurant where you will be served a dish. In each restaurant, personal stories inspired by this year's Just Peace theme 'Hope in times of adversity' will be told. So you will meet five different city dwellers from The Hague who are a 'pearl of hope' from their neighbourhood. Between the courses of this special dinner, there will be troubadours, spoken-word artists and musicians to guide you from one restaurant to another. We will close the programme together with a joint peace manifesto.
Wednesday, 21 September
16:30 gate open
17.00 - 19.30 programme
Location: Zuiderpark Theatre
Theme: Hope in times of adversity
Admission is €11,- p.p. incl. service charge and can be booked via zuiderparktheater.nl. This price includes 5 dishes and performances. Drinks can be purchased at the bar. Dietary requirements can be communicated after ordering tickets via info@zuiderparktheater.nl..

About the initiators

The Hague Connection Tables and Participation Kitchen:
The Participation Kitchen is committed to creating a closer society where people feel seen, heard and valued. Through our activities, they help each other grow from surviving to living together. With the initiative The Joining Table people eat together with their neighbours and enthusiastic volunteers for a small contribution of their own. Food connects and eating together in the neighbourhood is the first step here. deaanschuiftafel.nl

Hague Story
Haags Verhaal goes around the city like a travelling story circus to bring people and communities together and let them share their stories. In doing so, it aims to build bridges in The Hague. haagsverhaal.nl

The Hague breathes peace and justice. Just Peace builds on this foundation with the aim of giving peace & justice an important place in the hearts and actions of residents, entrepreneurs and organisations in The Hague. Between 21 September (International Day of Peace) and 24 October (UN Day), various activities will take place in and around The Hague as part of Just Peace Month. This is a month full of opportunities for you to discover how peace and justice is being worked on in The Hague both at the national and international level. But also to connect Hagenaars themselves to the personal stories of people working on peace and justice. Just Peace Month 2022 is organised by The Hague Humanity Hub in cooperation with the Municipality of The Hague.

The Zuiderparktheater is an open-air theatre in the green oasis of the Zuiderpark in The Hague. In summer, there is plenty to do in and around our theatre. The Zuiderparktheater develops activities together with social and cultural institutions. In doing so, it listens carefully to their needs and wants to make the audience part of what they want to see and experience in the theatre. With a team of about 10 professionals and more than 80 volunteers, we transform these wishes into a beautiful and meaningful programme. Not only do we offer activities in our theatre, the Zuiderparktheater also goes out into the neighbourhood. In this way, we try to introduce different audiences - for whom it is not self-evident to go to the theatre - to our programme in an accessible way.