Where is the Moon? Music piece 100 years of Zuiderpark

Listen to the Music piece 'Where is the Moon' made for 100 years of Zuiderpark here

Coproduction Zuiderparktheater & Rewire Composition by Sophie Jurrjens

This piece of music was created through a collaboration between Zuiderparktheater and Rewire. An ode to The Hague's most beautiful city park: the Zuiderpark. Together with the artists of Grofweg Architecten and all the children of Vakantiepark2023, we proudly present: Where is the Moon? by Sophie Jurrjens.

Cause & background

In 2023, the Zuiderpark marked its 100th anniversary. Zuiderparktheater then launched a project in collaboration with Rewire with the aim of creating a musical ode to this city park in The Hague.

A memory from when Donata was a child and lived on the edge of the park inspired so much that her story formed the basis of a six-week project with and for children:

"I was searching fiercely, about three years old. When Mum asked what I was looking for, I replied: 'The moon!' I saw that above the trees at night, so during the day it had to be resting somewhere on the ground of the Zuiderpark!"* (Donata, A park full of stories)

Grofweg Architcten's Super Moon spent six weeks on our island where storytelling workshops and music/sound workshops took place.All the voices of the children of Holiday Park 2023 were then made into a real piece of music by composer Sophie Jurrjens.

About the makers

Rewire and Outreach
Rewire is an annual international music festival that presents not only new forms of music but also various ways of experiencing music. Whether through film, performance, concert or dialogue. Rewire believes in inclusivity and diversity. Other stories, backgrounds and worlds enrich the festival's outlook. Rewire wants to reach people for whom it is less obvious to experience art and culture. People who do not automatically come into contact with music festivals like Rewire.

Sophie Jurrjens
Sophie Jurrjens (b. 1992) is a composer and interested in merging music with its surroundings. After completing her bachelor at the Utrecht Conservatorium, she graduated from the ArtScience interfaculty at the Royal Conservatoire/Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten in The Hague. To let people experience the power of music, Sophie developed the Off-Track app. Off-Track transforms going outside into an experience by adding music to a walking route. She writes the music herself and adapts it to the route you walk. In collaboration with Rewire Festival, Sophie has developed several compositions and soundwalks for different places in The Hague such as the Laaktheater, De Centrale Bibliotheek and Theater en Filmhuis Dakota.

Rough Architects
Grofweg Architecten consists of Damian and Killian van der Velden. They develop projects from an autonomously oriented basis and work on commission with a cross-over system. In projects, they tend to work intuitively and use In situ (material present in the environment) with which they set up a site -specific work. Think of land -art, -marks, installation art, placemaking, interiors and exteriors, experience, stage art and architecture.