Holiday park: out of town, into the park!

Holiday park back for 3rd year in a row!

3e South Park Holiday Park edition started Super Moon lands on the island, Snowstorm in August and an appearance in a rubbish truck.

The Holiday Park is back! There is an ever-changing free* programme for six weeks throughout the summer holidays. For the ultimate holiday feeling, come to the South Park Theatre.  

The theatre island transforms into a festival area with children's craft garden, coffee bar, park library, performances, workshops and unexpected and special performances. There's something going on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Highlights this season: the Super Moon to dream away in, a snowstorm in August and a performance in a rubbish truck.

There is always a show at the theatre on Wednesday afternoons. This summer: the Magic Cupboard, MisterTje SlodDe & Vos and the breathtaking circus and trapeze show It Happens, Anansi the Spider and more.... Zazzu's butterflies ('Nectar') also swirl down for another ten days.

Besides, anyone can always come and play on the raft, play a game of ping-pong, perform on the flat cart, laze in the hammock, colour our colouring sheet, make Holiday Post and much more. The 'you-see-where-what-is-there-to-do' daily schedule is approachable, relaxed and inviting for all ages. All on an uninhabited island in the city. It will be a top summer!

South Park Holiday Park 2021

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The Holiday Park programme is financially made possible by: Stadsdeel Escamp, VSB Fund, Fonds 1818 and the Ooievaarspas.

Our pacesetters: Moerwijk Moves (dance), Ready2Play (music), Dennis (sports), Akin (painting), Antoneal (freerunning), Aïcha (lunch), Mira (toddler dance), Cathy and Lucia (reading aloud) and more of our volunteers!

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