Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement Zuiderparktheater

With the following privacy statement, Zuiderparktheater indicates how personal data of visitors are processed when visiting the theatre's website ( and/or purchasing tickets for one (or more) activities/performances.

What kind of personal data are stored and what is the purpose?

The following personal data is stored from individuals who purchase tickets through the theatre's website:

  1. First name and surname
  2. Email address
  3. Postcode

This data is stored because it:

  • Necessary for the performance of the agreement - name + e-mail
    Without a first and last name and e-mail address, it is not possible to send the tickets a visitor has purchased online.
  • Are used for passing on practical information (service emails) and marketing purposes - name + e-mail + postal code
    Using first and last name and postal code, the theatre can distinguish the region from which visitors come. Using this data, the theatre can better develop its marketing campaign. Through the mail address, the theatre can approach visitors asking them to fill in an audience survey, which allows the theatre to improve its activities. In addition, the mail address can be used to inform visitors of practical information around the event for which a ticket was bought and for future activities, which are in line with the previously visited activity.
  • Can be requested by grant holders - postal code
    Zuiderparktheater receives structural subsidy from the Municipality of The Hague and occasional subsidies from other funds and/or subsidisers. The theatre may be asked to demonstrate where its audience comes from to account for the subsidy given. Without a postcode, this is not possible.

The following data will be not stored by the South Park Theatre:

  • IBAN data - via Stager
    During the ticket sales process, the visitor is asked for his/her IBAN data in order to pay for the tickets ordered. This data is not stored or processed by the Zuiderparktheater, but by the ticketing system Stager. Stager has a processing agreement with the Zuiderparktheater. (See also 'How does the Zuiderparktheater process personal data' and 'Privacy measures' further down this webpage.

How does Zuiderparktheater process personal data?

The processing of personal data involves a number of internal parties. All employees have access to personal data. Only the following departments can process this data:

  • Management (deputy management, director)
  • Ticket sales department (head and cashier)
  • Marketing & PR department (head and staff)

External (to third parties)

Personal data is shared with the following external organisations through the use of certain systems or responsibilities towards grant recipients:

  1. Stager
    To sell tickets, Zuiderparktheater works with the Dutch ticketing system Stager. (See also 'Privacy measures' further down this webpage).
  2. MailChimp
    For marketing purposes, the Zuiderparktheater works with the American programme MailChimp. Newsletters and invitations are sent via this programme.
  3. Grantees
    To account for subsidies obtained, it is in some cases necessary to share visitor data with subsidisers (e.g. Gemeente Den Haag). In this case, this only involves sharing postcodes (to account for visitor numbers), and these are only shared upon request, and therefore not shared by default.
  4. Google Analytics
    For marketing purposes, the Zuiderparktheater works with the American programme Google Analytics. Through this programme, statistics of the Zuiderparktheater website ( collected and detailed. When you visit this website, Google Analytics cookies are stored on your PC. To ensure visitor privacy, Zuiderparktheater has chosen to mask the last octet of the visitor's IP address, to turn off 'data sharing' and not to use other Google services in conjunction with the Google Analytics cookie.

Processing agreements have been entered into with Stager and MailChimp, in which these parties state that they will not pass on or sell personal data to third parties.

How long will my data be kept?

Visitors' personal data will not be kept longer than necessary for the purpose of processing. The Zuiderparktheater therefore applies a retention period of five years. Once every five years, the employee in charge updates the personal data. Due to the size of the organisation, updating the personal data will not take place daily, but a few times during the year.

When the employee responsible for processing personal data checks this data on 1 June 2023, the data of all visitors who visited the theatre before 1 June 2018, and have not visited the theatre again in the meantime, will be deleted from the theatre's database.

Can visitors see what data is kept? And who can visitors contact with questions or complaints?

The Zuiderparktheater has appointed one employee who is responsible for processing visitors' personal data, as well as for maintaining and updating (read: deleting after five years) the data. Personal data can be removed from the system at any time at the visitor's request (right to oblivion). To do so, the visitor must contact the theatre via Visitors can also go here for right to access personal data, right to rectify these data and right to data portability.

Privacy measures

The ticketing system Stager is working on privacy by design. This means that technical and organisational measures are already provided for in the design of the ticketing system to minimise privacy risks for people. The Zuiderparktheater can indicate to Stager which data are needed for the functioning of its organisation (name + e-mail + postal code), so that no more personal data are processed than necessary. In addition, Stager takes into account privacy by default. This means that Stager has taken the technical and organisational measures to ensure that the settings and functions of the products or services are set to the most privacy-friendly state by default. Users therefore do not need to change anything about the settings and functions to protect their privacy.

The Zuiderparktheater website stores IP addresses pseudo-anonymously. This means that the Zuiderparktheater can see in which city website visitors are located, but not in which district or at which address. This does give Zuiderparktheater's marketing department more insight into the area where its visitors come from, but at the same time safeguards visitor privacy.


The Zuiderparktheater takes photos of the performers and regular overview photos of the audience during performances for its own website and other PR purposes. We ask your permission to use close-up photos for PR purposes (other than on the photo page on our website). If you are in a photo on our website and you object to this, please contact the Zuiderparktheater publicity department (via and it will delete the photo in question at your request.

Privacy policy changes

Zuiderparktheater reserves the right to make changes to the above privacy policy, in accordance with the applicable privacy regulations. You will always find the most recent version of our privacy policy on our website. It is recommended that you regularly check this privacy policy for any changes.