100-year-old Zuiderpark receives "Where is the Moon" musical piece as a gift during festive parade on Prince's Day

100-year-old Zuiderpark receives "Where is the Moon" musical piece as a gift during festive parade on Prince's Day

Super Moon on carriage and metre-high puppets

Prince's Day, Tuesday 19 September, marks the biggest birthday in The Hague's Zuiderpark. The 100e anniversary will be celebrated with a unique piece of music as a special gift! Sophie Jurrjens composed an audio collage starring the moon. With a festive parade, the musical piece will be performed on Prinsjesdag and 'given' to the park. Together, Rewire and the Zuiderpark thus reach families for whom it is less obvious to experience art and culture.

How was the piece of music made?

Fragments, anecdotes and stories were collected in several workshops this summer by the Hague music festival Rewire during the Zuiderpark Holiday Park. A head-to-head method was used to collect fragments. In doing so, children always supplemented the previous participant's story. Anecdotes and conversations were recorded in Super Moon and composed by Sophie Jurrjens. Donata van Goorbergh's story was the first. She will therefore receive the piece of music for the park. Sound fragments such as those of mud, water and wind were also added. This made it a unique 7.5-minute piece and dozens of children collaborated.

"I was searching fiercely, I was about three years old. When mum asked what I was looking for, I replied, "the moon!" I saw it above the trees at night, so during the day it should be resting somewhere on the ground of the Zuiderpark." Donata

Festive Prince's Day parade

On Princes Day, the Zuiderpark Theatre will be open from 10am for one last 'Holiday Park' day. Between noon and 2pm is the festive climax. The musical piece will be played live in the theatre after which a parade will start towards the park. The four-metre-high Super Moon, a creation by Grofweg Architects, is shining on a carriage made especially for the day.Company with Balls leads the way in a swinging procession; metre-high puppets and figures. Children carry made flag lines towards the main field for a festive picnic and children's karaoke. See the full programme at zuiderparktheater.nl/prinsjesdag.